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inkjet manufacturing

Inkjet is evolving

Printing to Manufacturing

Inkjet has been a popular method for printing graphics & letters on demand.

Nowadays, the inkjet is used in various industries as a part of the manufacturing process. 

On-demand production

On-demand production can transform the way how we produce, use and dispose. Would that be great if we produce only when we need and how much we need?

That's why we believe in inkjet.


In manufacturing, reliability is the most important basic, and it defines if the investment in the new system is worthwhile. Catalogue spec does not tell how the machine will perform in real life.

Complex technology

Inkjet is a complex technology involving different scientific fields such as Mechanics, Electronics, Software, Physics, Chemistry and Material Science. No one can be the specialist of all. Working hand-in-hand with core technology providers is essential.

Right key components

A good match between fluid and surface is necessary, while each inkjet printhead performs differently - just like your footwear. Choosing the right components for the purpose is important.

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