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about us

What we do

We prioritise our customers' growth by providing access to core technology, project management, and partnership solutions. Leveraging our extensive experience in industrial inkjet, we combine our diverse functions and global network to create new value for our clients.

Our mission

Our mission is to expand digital manufacturing with inkjet technology.

In a linear economy, we follow a pattern of producing, using, and discarding.

By embracing digital solutions, we can reshape our traditional practices, unlocking new possibilities for efficiency, sustainability, and responsiveness to market demands.

Digital enables ...

  • On-demand production

  • Freedom from mass-production constraints

  • Reduction of waste, energy, and resource consumption

  • Minimization of inventory

  • Liberation from unpredictable forecasting

  • Accelerated delivery times

  • Quick adaptation to evolving trends

A brief profile of the proprietor

Sam Kawai

Sam, originally from Japan, moved to the UK in 1997 after completing a BA in international business. With over 25 years of experience in the digital printing industry, Sam specializes in developing growth strategies for key technology providers.

In addition to digital printing, Sam has also been involved in the foreign direct investment sector, supporting projects that foster collaboration between industry, the UK government, and academia.

Sam also serves as an advisory board member of the iPrint Center in Switzerland, a renowned independent applied research institute for digital printing.

MS Inkjet is a part of Marketing Standard (MS), a professional service provider specialising in growth strategy, market development, and project management since 2004.

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